Willis Tower GlobeInstalled in January 2010 in front of the Willis Towers, KMF was the exclusive polisher for this 25′ diameter globe made by The Poblocki Sign Company. It was entirely constructed out of 316 stainless steel, which was rolled, coped and fully welded at each intersection.

The 16,000 pound structure was fabricated in 8 sections with a base made from 6″ schedule 40 pipe. The amount of 3″ schedule 40 pipe used on the project was enough to span the entire height of the Willis Tower: 1450 feet.

In addition to polishing the 6 sections making up the framework of the globe, KMF Metals also put a DA, random orbital finish on the continents, which were formed from 3/16″ 316l stainless steel sheet.

KMF Metals polished all welds to a seamless number 4 satin finish working to an expedited leadtime. More than 8 miles of welding wire was used on the joint and splice connections of the globe.

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