KMF Metals, Inc.KMF Metals was established in January of 2001 by Mark Falvey and Greg Mendoza. With over 60 years in the metals industry between them, the partners recognized the need for a customer service oriented metal polishing and fabrication company.

The company quickly outgrew its original 5,000 square foot facility on First and Becher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2004 KMF moved into its present 40,000 square foot building in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

KMF is proud to be a USN Veteran owned company.

Our Mission

At KMF, our employees are our most important asset and our most valuable resource. They are dedicated to delivering a quality product finished to customer specification. KMF will do this at a competitive price and will meet the customer’s on-time delivery requirements.

Companies Turn to Us Because of Quality!

Industrial Parts

Polishing industrial parts is a KMF specialty. Past projects have included:

  • Pumps Covers and Bodies
  • Impellers
  • Handles
  • Propellers
  • Machine Frame Components
  • Food processing equipment
  • Valves and valve bodies
  • Medical/surgical instruments and tools
  • Motor Vehicle Components
  • Plates and Tubes

Metal Service & Distribution Centers

KMF has an established reputation for providing specialty polishing services to metal service and distribution centers. We offer:

  • Round/Square/Rectangular Tube Polishing (Up to 30′ Long)
  • Fabrication Polishing

Architectural Designs

Our architectural polishing and metal finishing work can be seen across the United States in some very prominent buildings including:

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